White Mountain Chapter members (only) can request to place an advertisement to sell a car, sell car parts, or to look for wanted BMW related items.

Members can post up to two, free, 50 word classified ads in a 90 day period. If approved, the Ad will be shown on the web site and listed in any Profile newsletters printed during the listing period. Remember, only requests from WMC members will be accepted and all requests are subject to approval by the club.

Completely fill out and submit the following form to request a classified Ad. The name entry should be the same as what is shown on your mailing label. The teaser line will consist of up to 60 characters that are displayed at the start of the Ad and are highlighted. The rest of the Ad is entered into the Ad content field. Your e-mail address and, if provided, phone number will be included in the contact part of the Ad. When selling a car, you must include the year and VIN number in the advertisement.

You will get an e-mail message, when the Ad is approved. To cancel the ad, just reply to that e-mail, or send an e-mail to our Classified Ad manager with membership info and details on the Ad to cancel.

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