Coaching at our Street Survival school - photo by Paul Michali Driving is at the heart of the chapter and this is where you can find out about our programs and sign up to participate. Our mission is to provide our members with the opportunity to meet and enjoy other like-minded enthusiasts - and their favorite marque - and to improve the participant's enjoyment of - and education in - their ultimate driving machines. See the full DEC mission statement.

Skid pad at our Advanced Driving Skills school - photo by Paul Michali The White Mountain Chapter's Advanced Driving Skills school is like driver's education on steroids! Perfect for all drivers, the ADS school helps drivers learn about how their car performs in real life situations. Students advanced car control techniques in a very safe environment.

Students learning wet driving skills at High Performance Driving School - photo by Paul Michali Drivers looking to step up to the next level of driving, can take our High Performance Driving school. With the guidance of expert instructors, student learn about car dynamics and get to put their ADS skills to use on a fun yet challenging road course.

For teens and new drivers under 21 years old, White Mountain Chapter in conjunction with the BMW Foundation runs an annual Street Survival™ school. This teaches the same techniques as our ADS school, only geared for younger drivers. It's an excellent way to help improve younger drivers skills.

Club racer in the short shoot at NHMS - photo by Paul Michali Most years, White Mountain Chapter hosts Club Racing. Typically held in conjunction with our driving schools, these exciting events give driving school students a chance to see club racing at its finest.

If you have any questions about our driving programs and events, you can contact David Thibodeau. Under Officer & Staff you can find contact information for all chapter volunteers and specifically, the DEC staff.